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Principal's Message

Hello and welcome to the 2022-2023 school year!  Educating our students and ensuring a safe and secure school environment where our children are comfortable to learn, remains our top priority.  Hand-in-hand with providing our children the best education and assisting them in becoming life-long learners, the school and the home must continue to work collaboratively and cooperatively for the successful development of well-rounded and responsible


New and innovative ideas and strategies in technology will continue to be implemented.  Technology not only serves to enrich student learning but also to further student learning.  STEAM or Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics can no longer be taught in isolation as each subject is now connected with the other.


I look forward to this school year as we continue to transition back to normalcy and our traditional ways.  Please use the information below to contact us and to make appointments as necessary. 


Have a safe and successful school year!


Tara Mantineo

[email protected]

201-553-4060 x 63010



Adriana Rodriguez

[email protected]

201-553-4060 x 63015

Assistant Principal


Main Office

201-553-4060, extensions 63001, 63002, 63003



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